Rabbit Rabbit

By Hiram J. Grigsby Jr

Rabbit Rabbit tells the story of a young boy learning about life and his friend Rabbit, a sly confident rabbit like one you’ve never met

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"Breathe On Me"

Originally recorded by Tristarr Brown, Crystal Beckford now does her rendition of the HDP,
Rashell Wright classic.


HDP and Sconey (Andre Thompson) team up for their second collaboration. Inspired by his past experience and his love of basketball Sconey flows on the mic like Michael Jordan on the court!

"The 2025 Theory"

HDP Mixes A blend of Chill, Latin and R&B on their 1st full-length album in four years! “The 2025 Theory” started out as a project for YouTube as an Ambient House Mix to be played continuously for about an hour. After realizing how difficult it was to listen to sections of the piece to edit, they decided to make individual songs for the album to make it easier for the listener to go between songs..

Nashville’s Nate Foley lends his soulful guitar to the Daft Punk fueled “The 2025 Theory Overture”, the Latin sounds of “7am In Havana” and Un Poquito de Funk, the tribute to Dorothy Grigsby “Sunday’s At Dot’s and the Country meets R&B track “Changing Nashville”. Lou Ledesma is also credited for guitar on “#2Step”.

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